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Courses Offered

Financial Literacy

India with a population of over 1.36 billion has nearly 0.8 billion in the working age. By the year 2026, it is expected that around 64% of the total population will be in the working age. Financial literacy of this talent pool is extremely vital for attaining good productivity thereby linked to our country’s economic growth. Without it, an individual’s financial decisions and the actions taken—or not taken—lack a solid foundation for success. And this can have dire consequences-

  • People do not expect to have enough money to retire comfortably.
  • Credit card debt has reached its highest point ever.
  • Unable to afford an emergency expense.

Financial inclusion is an outcome of financial literacy. In this program, we prepare the youth of our country with content in specific reference to financial markets, investments, flow of money and so on. We have courses ranging from the basics to the specialized advance level courses for instance- derivatives- Equity & Currency, Mutual Funds origin, Distribution and so on.

Our courses have been designed in ways to make candidates self-reliant thereby complementing our Prime Minister’s concept of Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

Our Courses 

Our training puts the students in a position where they become knowledgeable, proactive and competent industry ready candidates. Not only are they ready for the industry but also possess the right skill set and knowledge to make informed and effective finance related decisions thereby making their livelihoods also prosperous.

At GTM & Sons, the finance training Modules are structured to provide a more efficient and interesting learning experience. We provide a more flexible learning approach.

Basics of Financial Markets

This program intends to cover the topics encompassing the basics of financial markets. Our program provides the right platform to build knowledge and skills required to enter, explore and progress in financial market segment.

Rs 9999

Risk Management & Operations

This program intends to cover the topics encompassing the operations involved in Securities broking firms & various risk management strategies adopted by firms. Our program facilitates the enhancement of knowledge and skills required to enter, explore and progress in securities market segment.

Rs 9999

Basics of Financial Markets -II

This Program is an advanced version of the basics of financial markets and covers in depth details about investment advisory and related services in the financial services industry. It helps candidates know the aspects of insurance, retirement & estate planning, insurance products and risk management and the taxation aspects of different financial securities.

Rs 9999

Financial Market Landscape

This program encompasses three modules covering topics around financial market segments, risk management, operational aspects and so on with each having an individual Government recognized certification. This combination opens door to variety of career options including one that paves way to entrepreneurship with minimal capital and validates the knowledge and skills required to enter, explore and progress in financial market segments.

Rs 24999

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