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While our country’s economic development is on the rise and is receiving accolades, there is a chronic problem persisting since time immemorial- “inequality and inequity”

Inequality has been on a sharp rise for the last three decades and more. The Indian societies have already been fractured due to division on the basis of caste, creed, region and religion. The rich are getting richer on account of inheritance and capitalism while the poor are getting poorer struggling to earn one square meal for themselves. As a consequence, it has been noticed that a lack of awareness and access to basic health services has further pushed the poor below the belt.

Education is the most basic requirement for a decent level of development of the humans. GTM and Sons Foundation, in the pursuit of making world a better place, we will be giving a share of our efforts towards making education accessible and affordable for all the citizens.

Our Aim

Better Employment

With education comes broader set of employment opportunities. The development of an individual and the progress of a nation depend on quality of education delivered with right approach.

Increase in the quality of life

As education is directly linked to better occupational prospects and therefore higher income levels, it invariably has a positive impact on the person’s quality of life.

Increased awareness

By increasing awareness and concern, basic education encourages helps one understand and differentiate between the good and bad and therefore better utilization of services

Contribution to the economy

A country’s economy grows better and faster with participation of a greater number of educated and skilled workforce as they increase efficiency and effectiveness

Organizational Beliefs

GTM and Sons Foundation will be taking tremendous efforts to make basic education available to all the citizens.

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We believe in


An equitable educational institution addresses and caters to the needs of all students and helps them become productive and responsible citizens of the society resulting in better economic and social outcomes


Educational opportunities are ought to be equal regardless of caste, creed, colour, region and religion. Every individual should have equal and similar opportunities for education.

Our Social Vision

As a visionary group, we will be making our contribution to the economic development by working on the literacy rate.

We will strive to do our bit and also inspire people to take a step towards making this world a better place.

Access to quality and free education

Enhance education through innovation

Empower the poor


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Ph: 9000240608/9000240825

Level 4, N Heights, Plot No 38, Phase 2, India
Siddiq Nagar, HITEC City
HYDERABAD, Telangana 500081

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