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Communication in Sales!

Sales is driven by just one thing Communication Skills. They say sales is not selling the product but helping the customer by providing them the choice to a better solution. In absence of effective communication, the whole purpose behind sales goes in vain hence, more than any field this requires one’s attention and time in making one’s communication skills better. Now, the question arises how? Well, it’s simple let’s look at few tips to help the customer instead of selling it to them.

  • They don’t have the world’s time for us! – Yes, it’s true that we are only offering them help and it’s for their benefit but how fair is it for us to expect them to give all the time leaving aside all that they have got. Hence, always be ready with what you are going to say and try to be as crisp as possible but yet creating an impact. In short, be wise with the choice of words.
  • You are not an automated machine! – We aren’t some automated voices to just dictate what we know without any emotion. We are humans and are different from those for all the emotions that we carry within us. Hence, always try to add an emotional touch to whatever you speak by that it doesn’t mean being too emotional where we are being misled and misunderstood cause of emotions. In short, let your tone and body language speak volumes.
  • Mode of communication matters! – In today’s world where everything has become virtual it has become important for one to choose the mode of communication. Earlier, this was never an issue as people met and spoke, the only thing, they had to decide was a decent place and suitable time. But today many other factors like time, place, mode, network, etc., play a vital role. Hence, choose your mode of communication right but it’s advisable to choose offline meeting over online, anytime unless it’s not feasible.
  • Conversing is important! – Yes agreed, you are a salesperson but then to be the best one you should understand the customer and profile them as per the requirement and parameters, and for that nothing works better than a healthy conversation with the customer. But don’t forget to set few thumb rules starting with “Not getting too personal”
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