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Antithesis means opposite and like the word suggests in this figure of speech a contrast is drawn between two opposite statements. It is employed to secure emphasis on the idea of contrast by using contrasted or opposite phrases or clauses.

Eg: Money is the root of all evil, Poverty is the fruit of all goodness; you’re easy on the eyes but hard on the heart.

 Tip Time!

  •  A comparison of two things of a similar kind or object or concept is not a Simile.
  • Every Simile can be written as a metaphor but not every metaphor can be written as Simile. 
  • Metonymy is often confused with synecdoche in which a part of something is used to signify the whole.
  • Before using irony in the sentence, one must be aware and prepared of the reader’s or viewer’s understanding of reality so that a different outcome can be expected.
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