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Unwritten rules of communication

Communication is very subjective, the way we communicate with each other is different from person to person, no two persons have the same style of communicating be it talking, listening, understanding and perception on the subject. Hence, there is no such hard and fast rule for effective communication but nevertheless we have many unwritten rules for Effective Communication.

Be Clear:

In communication its always important to have a clear-cut vision or opinion on the subject. If there is no clarity on what we are speaking then we end up ‘Beating-round-the-bush’ which would only bore the opposite person and hence leading to a useless and ineffective communication. Hence, always sort your thoughts before you could begin talking about it for an effective conversation.

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Be Considerate:

Conversation always involves two people not just you!  Lack of consideration only makes the conversation one sided and without listening to the opposite person, and understanding their emotions it’s difficult to address all the issues and resolve, as it leads to a self-assumption state of imagining the issues which might or might not exist, leading to unnecessary conflicts. Always give a thought to what another person wants, needs or is expecting from you, doing this will help you understand the person and also solve conflicts and gaps, if any.

Be Concrete:

Once, you are done sorting your thoughts on the subject move to gathering some real facts on it. Doing this will make your content more effective as you will have enough facts to support it and not just vague words. What’s the fun when you are all about great communication skills but no Concrete evidence of your words, people will not take you seriously and ignore you. Hence, do your ground work right and make your facts Concrete.

Be Correct:

Gathering concrete facts and evidence is no easy task hence, we sometimes find ourselves creating the evidence in our favour instead of finding them. This might not be evident to the audience but once it becomes, you will end up losing your credibility and trust, which once broken in today’s world is difficult to rebuild. Hence, even though you don’t have enough facts never go wrong by faking them. Always try to be Correct! Do your research right!

Be Concise:

They say ‘Smartness lies in making things short and crisp’ to make your conversation more effective make it as short as possible inclusive of all facts and messages you wished to convey. To deliver the message you don’t have to talk for hours but instead in minutes with smart choice of words and content, dragging it would only make it boring and disinteresting and not effective. Hence, Concise your content with simple words and tenses.

Be Complete:

Once they are told to reduce the duration, they end up cutting the content, leaving open ended questions and incorrect assumptions to the audience, leading to confusion and conflicts. Hence, it is always important to have a complete conversation without any loose ends. To be able to deliver the content right and crisp, one should be clear with what is needed and what not hence, it’s important to have a proper ground work.

Be Courteous:

Not only in personal relations but one has to be courteous enough of other’s feelings and emotions in corporate world too, in that case in any relation. If one isn’t polite or respectful to others, it gives a chance of misunderstanding and judging the person wrong and as rude or arrogant, leading to distrust and disinterest in the conversation. Hence, it’s always important to be Courteous enough with others to have effective conversation.

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