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Questionnaire process.

Questions gives us answers which in turn acts as a checklist to the things that we were supposed to get done with. For say, asking yourself what books to carry for that important lecture in college or when to reach the office for that presentation you have to give or what all would be needed for that small outing you were planning for, answering such questions will give you a checklist for everything and anything that you do. In the same way we have a questionnaire process for having an effective communication.


Before you start with your delivery of speech or start talking, it’s important to ask yourself what is that you have to speak! Is your message clear? Is your message necessary? Is it concise? Is it true? Is it complete? Answering these questions not only lets you be clear of what has to be done but also introspects your thoughts on the subject which makes it easier and clear to deliver it right!


Once you are clear with what has to be delivered or told, you should understand the reason behind the subject by asking yourself why? It is important to know and why you have planned on that subject, what is the purpose behind the conversation that you are going to build? Is it to develop your relationship with the audience? Is it to deliver or exchange information? Is it to convince or pursue people around you? Is it to have a brainstorming session and find the solution for it? Once, you are done answering these questions it is important to know what is that you need nby the end of the conversation.


Once you are clear with the message and purpose you should next get an idea on who your audience should be based on the purpose and message. If you are looking for team development you can’t approach your friends and start having a conversation with them, if you are looking for problem resolving you should approach right audience with you share that problem hence, it is important to find the right and relevant audience before you begin.


Once you have figured out on the purpose, audience and message it is time for you check on the place where you ae delivering the message. It always need not be office to build team relations sometime it’s better to go out on a lunch or a dinner date and make the team feel more comfortable and when you are dealing with sensitive or private topics it’s better not to opt for public places where our security and privacy are at stake. Hence, deciding the right place is as crucial as the message.


You got an idea of everything that has to be done and told but, what about when? Yes, it is important to figure out when the message has to be delivered for it be effective. To know this, ask yourself if the audience is in the state to listen and act upon it? Is the duration of the message on par? Is the purpose and time of the message tailored right? Answering these questions will help you deliver the message more effectively.


Now lastly, it’s important to understand how the message is being delivered. Asking questions like, Is my attitude or body language positive? Is my tone on point? Is the mode of communication, right? Am I being emotional with the content? Will help you deliver the content in the most effective way and also solve the purpose of the meeting or message. If this is not checked properly then there are high chances that audience might misunderstand you.

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