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Business English

Nowadays every person is being exposed to the language English. We have been taught this language much earlier than our first grade and it has now become a vital part of our lives. But how many of us know that there is a special language called the Business English. Business English is a language that is used in business context; it requires certain Vocabulary, Clarity and Certain grammatical structures. This language is quite different from literature as this does not leave upon the reader to interpret as they like, this language requires short and clear words to deliver the message in the right way without much deviation.

Do we require Business English?

In the era of advancement and development we require this language called business English this language as mentioned above has certain grammatical structure and vocabulary which are strictly used in business context for example the way we talk to our boss or another employee is quite different from the way we talk to our parents or friends so in order to distinguish between the difference this language comes in the picture. A business woman or a man is expected to have at most clarity in what they are thinking or planning and are expected to deliver the same to the opposite person with the same amount of clarity. Hence this language is very important in the era of growing business and technology.

Excelling in Business English

Business English is no Tough row to hoe. It’s as simple as any language can be in Business English, we don’t use Complex words or grammar which might confuse the opposite person. We use simple tenses and avoid Idioms, Cliches, Proverbs, Phrasal verbs and Long verbs. For example, we could use the word ‘Explode’ instead of ‘blew up’ or we could use the word ‘peace’ instead of ‘tranquillity’. Business English requires one rule that is make your sentences as simple and clear as possible and save the complex grammar or words for literature (if needed).

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