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Why fitness?

Being fit not only reduces the number on the weighing scale but also the impurities/toxicities that are in and around us. Here byimpurities/toxicities we mean the junk food that we take in, the bad bacteria/virus that we take in, etc., fitness helps in fighting all these impurities by building enough strength and immunity. In a world so stressful like this we require fitness to let out some Endorphins and Dopamine (also known the happy hormones). By exercising and following a healthy lifestyle we could be active for a longer period, with minimum stress and diseases. Let’s aim for fitness without bringing in the age/ stage of life factor.

How can you be fit?

Fitness doesn’t come only with exercise but also a proper diet! We surely must have met people in our lives who call themselves a fitness freak by spending hours in the gym and not following a healthy diet. Those aren’t fitness freaks they are just workout/exercise freaks. Their main motto is to pass time in gym by lifting heavy weights and running miles on treadmill. Well, that’s not how fitness works, by doing that you are training your muscles but not giving them good energy to retain. It’s like taking your vehicle on road without fuel/ good quality fuel, as eventually it will collapse. Hence, eat healthy and exercise right to make your body fit and call yourselves a true fitness freak!

What does being Fit mean?

Fitness isn’t with how your body looks in the mirror or in the camera! It’s about your body speaking volumes on strength, stamina and stability. A person with one of the perfect body types or shapes could be attractive on the outer side but might not be fit on the inner side. Hence, it is important to make our body fit by not only focusing on its shape but also the other factors like stamina, stability, flexibility, stress levels, strength, concentration and also immunity.

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