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Stress is a trigger that causes physical, emotional and psychological tension. It’s the body’s way of responding to anything that need attention.

Some of the easy signs to identify stress are-

  • Mood Swings
  • Decreased/increased appetite
  • Diarrhoea
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Digestive issues
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Body pains
  • Increasing heart beat

As easy are the symptoms, it is not quite easy to recognize stress. There are few signs that one can watch for-

Psychological Signs such as difficulty in concentrating, worrying, anxiety, trouble remembering and so on.

Emotional Signs include being sad, having frequent outbursts, feeling irritated and angry

Physical signs such as increase or decrease in weight, high BP. Infections, changes in menstrual cycle & libido

Behavioural signs such as substance abuse, poor self-care, not enjoying regular stuff that was enjoyable sometime and so on

Stress can be acute or chronic but the overall wellbeing lies in the way your body responds to it.

Cancer- Financial nightmare?

Cancer is the uncontrollable division of cells that spread into other tissues and organs in the body. In the human body that houses a trillion of cells, cancer can start almost anywhere and everywhere. This deadly disease is one of the most expensive conditions to be treated. This disease is not just a health wise burden to the patient but also adds financial toxicity to the ongoing stress. Financial toxicity refers to the out of pocket expenses that causes distress for the patient resulting in lower quality of life leading to increased debt and bankruptcy.


Depression is a state of mind that affects how you feel, how you think and how you act. It’s a persistent feeling of sadness that makes you lose interest and can interfere in your daily life.

Is there an underlying reason to it? No, it can simply hit you without any apparent reason.

Watch out for these symptoms-

  1. Increased or decreased appetite
  2. Loss of interest
  3. Bouts of emotions
  4. Social withdrawal
  5. Lack of concentration/ Absent mindedness
  6. Replying on substances such as alcohol and so on.
  7. Developing thoughts like I’m a failure, I’m worthless, nothing good is ever going to come from me
  8. Persistent feeling of tiredness
  9. Changes in sleep patterns

It is a serious medical condition that can actually cause a variety of physical and mental trouble. Mental health is as important and is real, watch out for your near and dear ones.

Depression- Management

It is highly unlikely that depression will go away on its own. If left unattended it can potentially lead to suicides. There is no one proven course of treatment modality that helps tackle depression. As it stems from a variety of causes, there is no one size fit all method. Different approaches can be adopted based on the type. This may include behavioural changes such as physical activity, healthy eating and adequate sleep, family and peer support, and psychological counselling for mild-moderate cases, and medical treatments for severe cases provided by mental health professionals.

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