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Gap between education & employment

Some of the easy signs to identify stress are-The voyage from education to employment is something that is looked forward to with dreams and ambitions lighting up the eyes. It is an equation with the producers, the academia on one side and the consumers, the industry on the other. In the pursuit of human progress, the society by and large wants skilled contributors in exchange for more purchasing power. Given this continual demand, all the stakeholders namely- academia, industry and the millennials have to rise to the occasion so as to maintain the workforce equilibrium. However, there is seemingly evident gap between the two sides of the equation that is reflected in the employability index which evidently is on a decreasing spree.Supply has to meet demands for which the stakeholders have to work in coherence with the onus mainly lying on thestudents themselves. They have to equipthemselves with the necessary weapons to face the real-world jobs. The new age students must be brought out of the habit of memorising and must be involved in activities that involves practical applications of concepts thereby nurturing their logical and analytical capabilities. They must also be put in the practice of proper expression and presentation of concepts. One size fit all no longer will suffice to meet the ever-growing demands of the industry. Therefore, periodic industry interaction in the form of internships, recruiting faculty with industry experience will help in enhancing the quality of supply.

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