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What skills are the employers looking for in this post pandemic phase?

This pandemic wave has rendered the organization to rethink their strategies and policies that were made prior to the lockdown. The situation broke in all of a sudden and had led to a nation-wide shutdown of almost all the businesses.

Necessity is the mother of invention and innovation, a quote that serves right in such situations led to companies looking at a sweeping new change in the working policies. This change was complemented by organizations learning a new dimension to the concept of adaptability leading to a whole other requirement in terms of skills from their future hires.

Some of the business skills that is most sought after in this new normal are as follows-

  1. Agility- Being agile doesn’t necessarily mean breaking all hell lose, it simply means to be highly receptive and responsive so that the products and services can be delivered as per the client requirement regardless of the situations. Agility is the one proven weapon to deal with
    the current business environment which is VUCA- volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.
  2. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills- this is one of the most desirable quality that is highly quintessential as issues will not recur when solved with the right set of logics by weighing the pros and cons of every possible solution. Complex problem solving need critical thinking.
  3. Leadership skills- For any organization to succeed, the presence of a right leader is highly desirable. It is the ability of the leader to lead as an example by inspiring and motivating based on trust factor. With many organisations taking up work from home and also work delegation, ability to lead, motivate and trustworthy individuals are key assets for any business to succeed.
  4. EQ or emotional intelligence- organizations will now look for people with the ability to manage/ handle their own physical/mental wellbeing and also inspire and lead others.
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