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A spiked need for wellness

Drowned with the pandemic fatigue and tiredness, work from home, wearing masks, contagious infection stress and what not, people have now grown really sick of this. This has not just caused physical stress, but also mental and emotional disturbances. This has been the motifs of the year gone by.

Some of the new trends in wellness that will see a rise in utilization as predicted by the global wellness experts are as follows-

  1. Stress buster vacations
  2. Mental Detox vacation
  3. Yoga staycations
  4. Fitness and weightloss packages
  5. Back to the root’s escapes
  6. Nature getaways
  7. Yoga and meditation workshops
  8. Ayurvedic spas with scenic stays amongst others.

Wellness is now the new swag which has emerged creating new and plenty of business opportunities that will soon make it a billion-dollar industry.

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